Solo Exhibition
01/03/2020 - 08/03/2020
Junbicyu, Tokyo, Japan

Society has always been interested in the archetypes of fools and monsters. They have a large and varied cultural history that spans circuses, with their mythologies and folklores in so many societies in the world. Why are they such timeless symbols in the world and in our imaginative representation of it? Why are we so fascinated by them? Why do they have such a long cultural presence? Perhaps like Shakespeare says in King Lear 'When we are born we cry that we are come to this great stage of fools.' That life is a theatre of the absurd, a strange, short performance where all people seem destined to play their part and we are all inevitably fools and monsters.



哲学者レヴィ・ブリュールは、古今東西問わず文化に存在する象徴に対し、人間が論理では説明できない奇妙で本能的なつながりを感じ自分に反映する心性をPARTICIPATION MYSTIQUEと名付けた。この展示では道化や巨人、怪物といった象徴を再考して撮影し、青写真やフォトグラムからコピー機までいろいろな方法を使って印刷された実験的な写真シリーズと影絵のインスタレーションを展示する。